Is your cd upside-down?


I noticed one day when stacking my cds that the label on the Wild Orchid cd is printed upside-down!

Here's an example: On most cd's, the titles on the side run in opposite directions, meaning when the liner is folded into the case, it will read right-side-up on both sides

But with WO's first cd, even though the titles run in opposite directions, the name is upside-down on both sides!



In order to read "Wild Orchid" correctly, you have to stack the cd face-down in any cd holder.



I've actually seen this on television - on the HGTV show Decorating Cents. If you're curious, it's episode DCT-603, although it hasn't aired in over 2 years. They're making a cd rack out of an old shutter, and the host is actually holding WO's cd during the first half of the segment. When she places it on the rack and the camera pans down, you can see that she naturally places it right-side up, and the words are upside down.



Check yours!


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